Do Cane Corsos Get Along With Kids?

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Generally speaking, Cane Corsos are an excellent choice for families with children due to their loyal and protective nature. With proper training and socialization from an early age, these intelligent dogs can be wonderful companions for kids of all ages. 

They are known to form strong bonds with their humans and are naturally very affectionate towards them. Thanks to its size and strength, the Cane Corso can also act as a guardian when needed while still being gentle enough not to harm any little ones in the process.

Are Cane Corsos Good With Children?

Cane Corsos

Cane Corsos are known to be great companions for children. They are patient, intelligent, and loyal dogs that are willing to learn new things. They can be socialized with kids easily, and are generally very loving and protective of them.

Potential Pitfalls: Cane Corso & Kids

Cane Corsos

One of the most common issues associated with Cane Corso and kids is the risk of accidental injury. A Cane Corso can easily knock over or cause injury to small children with its size and strength. 

If the Cane Corso is not used to being around kids or other animals, it may become overwhelmed or anxious in their presence. Therefore, it’s important to introduce your pup to different people and animals regularly in order for them to become comfortable in various environments.

In addition to size-related issues, another potential problem arises from the fact that these dogs are known for having strong personalities and independent mindsets. This means they are likely going to try testing boundaries set by owners as well as those set by children’s parents or guardians.

Male Vs. Female Cane Corso: Which Is Better For Kids?

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Both male and female Cane Corsos are known for being very affectionate and loyal companions, so either can make a great choice for families with children. However, males are typically larger than females, which may make them better suited to homes with older children who are able to handle the size of a bigger dog. 

Males are also more protective of their families and have an instinctive need to guard their territory. Females tend to be more independent, so they are better suited for homes with older kids who understand boundaries and respect the dog’s space.

Training Cane Corsos With Kids

Cane Corsos

Training your Cane Corso with kids should start when they are puppies, teaching them the basics like how to walk on a leash, sit, stay and come when called. As your Cane Corso grows older you will want to continue training them in order to make sure they are socialized properly around children.

To help your Cane Corso get comfortable around kids, introduce them slowly and always be present to supervise interactions between the dog and the child. Show your Cane Corso that being around kids is a happy experience by rewarding them with treats when they are calm and gentle.


Overall, Cane Corsos make wonderful family pets for those who understand the breed’s natural protective instinct as well as its need for plenty of exercise and mental stimulation on a daily basis. 

This is an intelligent breed so providing structured training from puppyhood will be essential in order for these pups to become well-mannered adults that have no problem mingling among friends or strangers alike!


Are Cane Corsos Easy To Train?

With proper training, they are easy to train and are usually eager to please their owners. They are also very alert, making them excellent watchdogs.

Does The Cane Corso Temperament Include Aggression?

It’s important to remember that all dogs are individuals with different temperaments – even within a single breed. Aggression can still be there, because today’s Cane Corsos are still renowned for their protective nature.

Are Cane Corsos Good Family Pets?

Yes, Cane Corsos are strong, loyal, and protective dogs that are often taken on as family pets. With their large size and intimidating demeanor, they are also formidable guard dog.

What Families Should Avoid Cane Corso?

Families with older kids may have more success when bringing a Cane Corso into the home; these dogs are usually quite tolerant of older members of the family and become devoted companions once they bond.

How Are Cane Corsos With Babies And Toddlers?

However, like all dogs, Cane Corsos are individuals and may behave differently based on their upbringing and experiences. Socialization should include introducing the pup to babies and toddlers as soon as possible, allowing them to get used to the sights, smells, noises, and touches associated with these young kids.

Cane Corsos

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