Ambullneo Mastiff Vs Cane Corso: Comparing Two Of The Most Powerful Mastiff Breeds

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The Ambullneo and the Cane Corso are two distinct breeds of dogs with a number of differences. 

The Ambullneo is a rare breed of dog that is thought to have originated in the Canary Islands. The breed gets its name from the Latin word for “bulldog”. The Ambullneo is a large and muscular dog, with a short and broad head. The coat is short and dense and can be either black or brindle. 

The Cane Corso is a more common breed of dog, originating in Italy. The breed gets its name from the Italian word for “protector”“. The Cane Corso is also a large and muscular breed but has a longer and narrower head than the Ambullneo. The coat is also short, but not as dense, and can be black, brown, or fawn. 

So, which breed will win in a fight? It’s hard to say, as there are many factors that would need to be considered. However, if we looked at just the physical differences between the two breeds, it seems that the Cane Corso might have an advantage due to its long head.

Size and Weight


The Ambullneo is a large dog, with males weighing in at around 100 pounds and females around 80 pounds. They are also tall dogs, with males standing at about 27 inches and females at 25 inches. The Cane Corso, on the other hand, is a bit smaller, with males weighing in at around 110 pounds and females at 99 pounds. They are also shorter than the Ambullneo, with males standing at about 24 inches and females at 22 inches. When it comes to size and weight, the Ambullneo has the advantage.

Ideal Home


Assuming you have enough space for a large breed, an Ambullneo will be just as happy in an apartment as a Cane Corso. Both breeds are known for being calm and quiet indoors. However, the Ambullneo may be better suited for an apartment because of its smaller size. The  Cane Corso is a large breed that needs plenty of space to run and play. If you live in an apartment or small home, the Ambullneo may be a better option.

Temperament and Friendliness


The Ambullneo is a very playful dog breed that loves to play with its family and friends. They are also very affectionate and love to be around people. They are social dogs that enjoy being around other dogs and people. The Cane Corso is also a very playful dog breed that loves to play with its family and friends. However, they are not as affectionate as the Ambullneo and can be more aloof. They are still social dogs that enjoy being around other dogs and people, but they may not be as outgoing as the Ambullneo.



When it comes to grooming, there are a few key differences between an Ambullneo and a Cane Corso. For one, the Ambullneo has a shorter coat that is typically either black or brindle in color. This makes them low-maintenance when it comes to grooming, as they don’t require as much brushing or bathing as dogs with longer coats. 

On the other hand, the Cane Corso has a thicker, longer coat that can be either black, brindle, or fawn in color. This means they will need more frequent brushing and bathing to keep their coat looking clean and healthy. In terms of coat texture, Ambullneo’s coat is typically softer and smoother than Cane Corso’s coat. Lastly, when it comes to maintenance, both breeds shed seasonally, but the Cane Corso sheds more heavily than the Ambullneo.



Both the Ambullneo and the Cane Corso are working dogs that require a diet that will support their energy levels and health. A quality dry kibble that is high in protein is a good option for both breeds. Each breed has different food sensitivities that should be taken into account when selecting a food. The Ambullneo is known to be sensitive to grains, while the Cane Corso can have sensitivities to dairy. 

When it comes to treats, both breeds can enjoy most kinds as long as they do not contain any of their known allergens. For the Ambullneo, this means avoiding treats with grains, while the Cane Corso should avoid dairy-based treats. Both breeds love to chew toys and will benefit from having access to one or two to keep them occupied.

Health and Lifespan


As a responsible pet owner, it’s important to be aware of the health problems that can affect your dog. Some breeds are more prone to certain conditions than others. For example, Ambullneos are susceptible to hip dysplasia and elbow dysplasia, while Cane Corsos are known to suffer from heart problems and bloat.

While no dog is guaranteed a long and healthy life, some breeds tend to have shorter lifespans than others. Ambullneos typically live for 10-12 years, while Cane Corsos have an average lifespan of 8-10 years. Of course, individual dogs may live longer or shorter depending on their lifestyle and genes.

Reproducibility Comparison


There are several key reproducible differences between the Ambullneo and the Cane Corso. When comparing their mating seasons, the Ambullneo’s is much shorter – only lasting about 2 months compared to the Cane Corso’s 4-5 month season. Additionally, Ambullneos typically have smaller litter sizes (4-6 puppies) than Cane Corsos (8-12 puppies).

When it comes to choosing a pup, these reproducible differences may be important to consider. If you’re looking for a shorter wait for your new furry friend, an Ambullneo may be the way to go. But if you don’t mind a longer wait and want a larger litter size, a Cane Corso may be the better pick.

Price and Availability


The Ambullneo Mastiff is a bit more expensive than the Cane Corso, with an average price of $2,500 compared to $1,500 for the Cane Corso. The difference in price is due to Ambullneo’s rarity and higher demand.

The cost of food and supplies for both breeds is relatively similar, with both breeds requiring a high-quality diet and plenty of exercises. The main difference in cost comes from other relevant expenses, such as obedience training and vet care. 

The Ambullneo Mastiff requires more obedience training than the Cane Corso due to its higher energy level and strong hunting instincts. Vet care costs are also higher for the Ambullneo Mastiff, as this breed is prone to health problems such as hip dysplasia and elbow dysplasia.



The Ambullneo is an ancient breed of dog that was used for hunting in the mountains of Spain. They are known for their high energy levels and their ability to work long hours. They are also known for their love of activity and their playful nature. 

The Cane Corso is a more recent breed of dog that was developed in Italy. They are known for their high intelligence and their ability to learn new tasks quickly. They are also known for being calm and loyal dogs that make great family pets.

If you want a high-energy dog that loves to play and is always up for a good time, then the Ambullneo is the breed for you. If you are looking for a calm, loyal dog that is easy to train and makes a great family pet, then the Cane Corso is the breed for you.

Which breed is better?


First-time owners: An Ambullneo may be better for first-time dog owners because they are less independent and require more attention than a Cane Corso. They are also less likely to bark excessively or be destructive when left alone.

Kids and pets: A Cane Corso may be better for families with kids and other pets because they are more tolerant of rough play and noise. They are also less likely to snap or bite if provoked.

Senior citizens: An Ambullneo may be better for senior citizens because they are generally calmer and quieter than a Cane Corso. They also tend to have an easier time getting along with other animals.



In the end, it is impossible to accurately predict which breed will win in a battle between an Ambullneo and a Cane Corso. A lot of factors come into play – including size, strength, agility, and experience – that can determine the winner. Ultimately, it comes down to assessing each individual dog’s strengths as well as their training and background in order to identify who might be better suited for success in an altercation between two dogs such as these.


Do Cane Corso and Mastiff fight?

No, they are not known to fight with each other. In fact, they are usually quite good-natured and get along well with other dogs.

What are the differences between Cane Corso and Neapolitan Mastiff?

The Cane Corso is a mastiff-type dog that originated in Italy, while the Neapolitan Mastiff also originated in Italy but has a different build and appearance.

What is the size difference of a Corso and Mastiff?

A Cane Corso is typically about 24 inches tall at the shoulder and 100 pounds, while a Mastiff can be anywhere from 28 to 36 inches tall and 150 to 200 pounds. 


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